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About Me

My Creative DNA should always reveal: Hmm, Oh, and Aha.*

*Hmm – Complexity • Oh – Clarity • Aha – Connections

The Journey
The Internship

The Internship

Spring - Summer 2011

This is where my first in-office, off-campus professional experience began: With the Growing Leaders team with Dr. Tim Elmore and his amazing staff. I learned quite a bit about myself, strengths, shadows, and what it truly meant to make sacrifices and to push for excellence within a team setting. This was one of those rare, genuine internship experiences where true learning, growth, cultivation of the leadership culture, and character-stretching happen. Some of what I did:


  • Social media initiatives
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Graphic design
  • Direct email marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Curriculum Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Narrative Development*

*Created multiple scripts, including National Leadership Forum promo of  guest speaker Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, featured in the critically acclaimed movie Rudy. This may have been the birth of my story branding expertise.

The Crash

The Crash

Fall 2011

A few life-changing experiences rapidly occurred that plunged me into the heat of hardship and doubt. It all started with a car accident. I splashed into a highway flash flood, hydroplaned past three other submerged vehicles, swerved uncontrollably, and braced myself for a head-on collision with a highway noise barrier. Although unharmed, this accident foreshadowed the next set of unsettling events that were soon to come in rapid succession.

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The Restoration

The Restoration

Spring 2012

After a series of consecutively trying episodes, gazamin™ was born. It’s an innovation consultancy, based on the restorative theme of Samson’s story, that helps nonprofits and faith-based groups creatively revive their purpose and efforts. Through this creative process, clients realize that all is not lost and declare restoration still possible—regardless of their present situation.

The First Startup

The First Startup

Spring 2013

Provoketry LLC existed long before it was officially registered. Back in college, a dear friend suggested I create a concept called Provocatry—a play on my poetic pseudonym and “wordsmithery” that would be shared with the world. I changed the spelling, it was pursued, paused, buried, and then eventually resurrected five years later with a refined purpose. My creativity, critical thinking, and copywriting began to focus on story designs for three niches: applicants, creatives, and small business entrepreneurs—all who were looking to brand themselves for acceptance. Provoketry was then registered and open for official business.

What's Next?


  • Provoketry LLC

    How to provoke a tree? You plant a seed. And how do you provoke a favorable decision? Plant your story. Provoketry's a boutique marketing consultancy that specialized in persuasive narrative branding.

  • gazamin™

    gazamin™ is a Restorative Ministry Innovation consultancy for nonprofits, faith-based organizations and any group that needs creative support restoring leadership, education or discipleship for their team.


4 Oct

The government shut-down fiasco that has gotten people–and even websites–laid off (uh, I mean “furloughed”) got me thinking about my own prolonged situation. I’ve been a graduate student for 5 years and still haven’t gotten that diploma—yet. And that “yet”[...]

22 Jul

E.T. You might know him from his “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe” slogan and lifestyle. His book, The Secret to Success, is tremendously popular. “Selling like hotcakes,” some would say. He was contracted by the[...]

8 Jul

Some of you “talk” too much—me included. Case in point: The first sentence could’ve easily been shortened to “Some of us talk too much.” And I can argue that the purpose of my opening sentence was to evoke a brief feeling[...]

22 Jun

This will be the conclusion of the Post Hunids writing challenge. Another priority that requires my full attention has arisen and, yes, my focal point has shifted. My trend has been about a post an hour. Factoring in distractions, time[...]

22 Jun

An iPad mini or any other digital tablet will never be able to replace something as simple as a Moleskine notebook.Regardless of the increased interactive interfaces technology is adopting, they still run on batteries. Simply put, as long as batteries[...]

22 Jun

The day has died, only to resurrect tomorrow with the same amount of generosity extended to mankind. Perhaps if we personified the Day, it might eventually point us to the DayMaker. Your Day graciously wakes up you up every morning[...]

22 Jun

Ever wondered what it would feel like to live without thumbs for a week? I type that entire first sentence without mine and I couldn’t bear it. We take our thumbs for granted. This short, stubby, opposable digit has done[...]

22 Jun

Itching is an uncomfortable sensation on the skin that causes a desire to scratch. You don’t itch for success or greatness. You scratch for it. Success isn’t the uncomfortable sensation—being average is. And once that mosquito of enlightenment lands and[...]

22 Jun

That moment when you realize, you’re not going to finish in time. You have three choices: Stop. Keep going. Outsource. The last one was said in jest, but the more I think about it, the more it becomes a viable[...]

22 Jun

Who is God to you? Is he a father-figure? Is he a she? Maternal? Is she an it? Non-gender specific? Hermaphroditic? Does God even exist? Your ontology affects your epistemology, which affects your axiology. In  other words, how you believe[...]


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